Quitting smoking: Top 10 medical tips to get rid of addiction

10 medical tips to quit smoking

Many people try to quit smoking, but some of them find it very difficult. which leads them to search for ways to help them achieve this.

How to Quit Smoking | Tips From Former Smokers - CDC

Many try to quit the harmful smoking habit of the smoker or the environment around them, but some of them find it very difficult, which prompts them to search for ways to help them achieve this end.

Scientific studies confirm that smoking has innumerable negative effects on the human body and its health, and indicates that it is one of the most prominent causes of cancer, especially lung cancer.

Smoking is also behind COPD, chronic bronchial disease, and other diseases, according to Ibrahim Topal Ali, a doctor at Erzincan State Hospital in Turkey.

The Turkish doctor, via Anatolia, gave a set of tips to quit smoking, as follows :

1- Choose a day to quit smoking and stick to that day. Talk to people who have quit smoking and share their experiences. Get support from non-smoking family and friends, and if necessary, you can take help from your doctor.

2- Take into account the health risks, especially cancer, and all possible diseases and conditions, write them on a piece of paper and put them in a place where you can always see them.
3- Note your smoking habits and behaviors so that you can change your habits that contribute to your smoking cigarettes and practice other hobbies during those smoking times.

4- Do regular exercise or a light brisk walk for 20-30 minutes a day in order to flush out these toxins from the body and restore the health of the lungs to what they were before smoking and you will notice the difference after that.

5- Control your will and make your most interested in leaving this habit by throwing cigarettes away, putting all their accessories away from your home, car, and workplace, and getting rid of lighters and matches that remind you of cigarettes, and remember that withdrawal symptoms from this scourge will last for only a few weeks. 

6- Try to go to healthy food and do not forget that one of the symptoms of stopping smoking is the feeling of hunger in the body, so do not weaken this feeling and start consuming high-calorie foods, and replace that with nuts such as walnuts, almonds, dried grapes, and dates.

7- If drinking coffee encourages you to smoke, use fresh juices, green tea, and herbal tea, and most importantly, drink plenty of water to cleanse the body of toxins.

8- Stay away as much as possible from places where smokers gather and be in places where smoking is prohibited.

9- Use medicines to quit smoking by going to your doctor, who will prescribe the necessary medicines such as nicotine tablets and chewing gum, or go to the centers for that.

10- Whenever you feel the need to smoke, chew gum as it will give you a feeling of fullness of the mouth and its preoccupation with something else.

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