You might want to drop by the Dollar Store for 7 pool noodles when you see what this woman made for her grandson!


Making a Flower Float out of Pool Noodles:

Step 1: Prepare Your Pool Noodles

  1. Cut seven pieces of nylon rope, each seven feet long.
  2. Thread a single rope through each pool noodle. To make threading easier, attach a fishing weight to one end of the rope.
  3. Shape each pool noodle into a flower and secure it in place by knotting the rope.

Step 2: Arrange the Petals

  1. Lay out the pool noodle petals next to each other to achieve your desired design.
  2. If using multiple colors, arrange them in a cohesive pattern resembling a flower.

Step 3: Secure with Zip Ties

  1. Use zip ties to fasten the petals together. Ensure the ribbed side of the zip ties faces up.
  2. Tuck any excess ends of the zip ties between the noodles to prevent scratching.

Step 4: Create the Flower’s Center

  1. Gather the rope ends from two noodles and knot them together, starting from the left end of one noodle and moving towards the right.
  2. Continue this knotting method around the circle, connecting the rope ends of each noodle.
  3. Repeat for the second, third, and fourth rows of knots, gradually forming the flower’s center.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

  1. Thread any leftover rope strands through the center hole of the pool float.
  2. Secure them with a zip tie if they protrude from the top.
  3. Your pool noodle flower float is now ready! Take it to the water for a relaxing and enjoyable float.

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